our family photographs

father's slides

My father, Edward Philip Collier, was born in Saskatoon on September 30, 1914. He studied civil engineering at the University of Alberta, graduating in 1933. His career as a hydrologist gave him the opportunity to do a modest amount of travelling and he left behind a collection of slides that documented some of those trips.

My brother Dan has attempted to recreate my father's path through Brazil in 1963-64, Paris in 1965, and Leningrad in 1967. He didn't have much to go on, just some handwritten notes that largely contradicted each other and our imperfect recollections of our parents' stories.

The result amuses both of us. Perhaps someone else will recognize some chip of their past here, too.

mother's pictures

Eventually I will get around to uploading what photographs I have from my mother's family as well.