Slides of Brazil

photographs taken by E. Philip Collier in Brazil 1963-64

Phil Collier moved to São Paulo, Brazil in 1963 to work for CANAMBRA, a consortium of consultants funded by the United Nations to expand hydroelectric capacity for the country's industrial heartland. He took a temporary leave from his position with the Canadian government and headed out with the family in tow for what what would be the one of biggest adventures of his life.

Just about everything about Brazil appealed to Phil, from the warmth of the people to the sweltering heat of the interior. He spent 18 months gathering measurements with his Brazilian colleagues and the rest of his life suffering a bad case of saudades.

When my parents returned to Canada at the end of 1964, they showed their slides of Brazil to anyone who would sit still for them. My brother Dan undertook recently to scan the collection and restore them as best he could - many were very dirty and deteriorating fast. We have left them more or less in the order that my father listed them in a little notebook. Dan also wrote most of the captions used in the online album, although  I have added a few comments and links where the spirit moved me.

I've marked many of the locations mentioned in Phil's notes on the map below just for fun.

Brazil slides

Brazil Roll A

Brazil Roll B 

Brazil Roll C

Brazil Roll D

Brazil Roll E

Brazil Roll F

Brazil Roll G

Brazil Roll H

Brazil Roll I

Brazil Roll J

Brazil Roll K

Brazil Roll L

Brazil Roll M

Brazil Roll N

Brazil Roll O

Brazil Roll U (Unrecorded - page 1)

Brazil Roll U2 (Unrecorded - page 2)

CANAMBRA Farewell Party 1964


Zeiss Ikon Contessa (mfd. circa 1960) with fixed wide-angle lens, rangefinder focus, and selenium light meter with exposure computer and two-position light stop


Instituto Butantan

St. Paul's School, São Paulo

Edificio Louveira: where we lived

world bank project listing


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other notes

Phil Collier's handwritten notes (pdf)

List of slides with notes in a spreadsheet (xls)